Frequently Asked Questions

What classes are offered?

We offer "Baby & Me" classes in-person and on Zoom.

These classes combine basic signs with music to make your learning experience fun! 

Regarding Zoom, I'm concerned about "screen time" for my baby.

The LIVE classes are playful and engaging for your baby. It's similar to "face time" with a family member but enhanced with music! Your baby will hear their name and will be able to respond. 

You baby is not required to look at the screen. Babies under 6 months generally watch and bond with their parent as we lead in songs.

What if I miss a class?

Make up classes are available within the time frame of your session.

Are the classes on Zoom recorded?

Regular classes are not recorded. If there is a special occasion, you will be notified prior to the class and have the option to turn off your camera.

Can my spouse participate? 

Absolutely! Spouses are welcome! Alternatively, your baby can attend the class with a grandparent or another caregiver.

I have other children. Can siblings participate?

Yes. Siblings often enjoy the class too!

Can I join a class on Zoom with a friend from another province/state?

Yes! We have friends and also cousins who attend the same class on Zoom, even though they are miles apart!! It is such a wonderful bonding experience.

Can I book a private class with my friends?

Yes. That is definitely an option. Please contact Serena for more information.

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