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This package is designed for parents who are unable to attend a class.

(Group classes on Zoom will resume in the Fall of 2022.) 

Let's get you started now!

1. You will receive unlimited access to 20 lessons online. (30 minutes total)

The topics of these "bite-sized" videos include:

- Basic signs for getting started

- Learn how to include other key signs into your daily routines

- Strategies that will encourage your baby to sign back

- What to expect with modified signs

- 5 songs to sing with your baby

2. Once you start using signs with your baby, you may have questions so we've got that covered!

You will have access to 1:1 support by email and/or a 15 minute video chat.

If you are on Facebook, you can connect with others in our member's group too!.

3.  PLUS the Baby Sign Language Touch Feel Learn book AND our Step-by-Step Guide will be mailed to your home!

Sign up today!